Technology & Use

Welcome to the new Nitrate Films website.  As I’ve been working across several mediums of technology ranging form social media, web design, to sound track creation, video capture, and editing I’ve had time to consider how I am using technology.  In our present state much of the technology that we use has a quality of being a double edge sword.  We can use web cams to interact with our loved ones over seas but can also be subject to others watching us. Similar attributes can be seen with social media in general. I have often found myself to be reluctant to adopt new technology due to the vulnerabilities it can create. It seems that we must not forget to not only to choose what technology we use, but also how we use it. In order to do that we must understand how the technology operates, and how others use it.

Welcome to Nitrate Films

Nitrate Films has been a long project in the making.  I’ve recently devoted myself to the creative arts exclusively and hope you will enjoy the work you find here. There have been many talented artists that have gone to astounding lengths to make all of this happen, and my personal thanks goes out to all of them.


Salvador Luna